SMB2 questions

Volker Lendecke Volker.Lendecke at SerNet.DE
Tue Aug 9 23:40:52 MDT 2011

On Tue, Aug 09, 2011 at 12:32:36PM -0600, Jeff Sadowski wrote:
> Reading through the release notes today I saw the section about SMB2
> being supported but needs to be activated and tested.
> Forgive my ignorance but what sort of things would I be looking for
> that SMB2 does that it wouldn't do without it?
> What sort of things would I be looking at that might break?
> I'm guessing just anything and if something breaks ask here right?
> Is there a good place to turn that says specifically what has changed?
> I'm guessing that it should talk more grammatically correct to windows
> machines and be more transparent (as another windows machine) to the
> windows machines than before?
> Would file sharing work any faster? I'm guessing no because that
> should be handled by cifs right?
> On the other hand would SMB2 be responsible for authenticating for the file?
> Should I look for more features from a windows machine that would not
> exist without smb2?

The main new feature very likely will be better performance.
The Windows SMB1 stack has not seen any performance
improvements for quite a long time. The SMB2 client was the
focus of development in the past years, including a lot of
performance improvements.


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