SMB2 questions

Jeff Sadowski jeff.sadowski at
Tue Aug 9 12:32:36 MDT 2011

Reading through the release notes today I saw the section about SMB2
being supported but needs to be activated and tested.
Forgive my ignorance but what sort of things would I be looking for
that SMB2 does that it wouldn't do without it?
What sort of things would I be looking at that might break?
I'm guessing just anything and if something breaks ask here right?
Is there a good place to turn that says specifically what has changed?
I'm guessing that it should talk more grammatically correct to windows
machines and be more transparent (as another windows machine) to the
windows machines than before?
Would file sharing work any faster? I'm guessing no because that
should be handled by cifs right?
On the other hand would SMB2 be responsible for authenticating for the file?
Should I look for more features from a windows machine that would not
exist without smb2?

Thank You for your great project it really does make my life much
easier at home for sharing stuff over the network for both linux and
windows machines. I never got to really test it out in any real
windows environments with active directory other than testing out
logging into a linux machine with a windows login provided by a domain
controller. I don't see a foreseeable future where I will be able to
test it in a working environment for a long time, considering I no
longer work for a solutions provider company. I will hobby with it at
home though and see what else I can do with tinkering.

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