Cannot install Samba on AIX

Michael Wood esiotrot at
Mon Aug 8 10:38:05 MDT 2011


On 8 August 2011 16:29, Komle Okee <k001 at> wrote:
> Dir Sirs,
> I got a problem while installing samba on an AIX server. The command “make” wasn’t executed successfully and I’ve no real idea why. I’ve attached the file config.log and the screen dump.

It looks like you're not using GNU make:

checking for gmake... no
checking for make... /usr/bin/make
checking whether we have GNU make... /usr/bin/make: illegal option -- -
usage: make [-einqrst] [-k|-S] [-d[A|adg[1|2]mstv]] [-D variable] [-f makefile ]
 [-j [jobs]] [variable=value ...] [target ...]

Try installing that and see if you get further.

Also, at the top of SCREEN.DMP, I see:

configure: WARNING: $PATH contains /usr/ucb - build errors may follow

See if things improve if you remove /usr/ucb from your PATH before
running ./configure.

Michael Wood <esiotrot at>

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