Problems handling chain offsets with OS/2's WriteAndX/ReadAndX

Günter Kukkukk linux at
Sun Aug 7 21:33:49 MDT 2011

On Sunday 07 August 2011 13:27:42 samba.10.maazl at wrote:
> On 07.08.11 04.10, Günter Kukkukk - linux at wrote:
> > which OS/2 application are you using to tag mp3 files?
> > I could install it here and with a short explanation from you how
> > to use that program to get to the failing state, i could have a
> > closer look.
> It is an not yet released version of PM123. And it only happens if I
> edit an mp3 tag in a way that the ID3V2 tag is updated in place and the
> ID3V1 tag is created. Furthermore the caching strategy of IBM requester
> is relevant. If I try too often, the error seems to vanish until the
> requester is restarted. From the logs I can see that the requester
> changes the SMB command sequence to use easier commands if it got too
> many errors. Maybe essentially the reconnects because of the restarts of
> smbd to change the log level trigger this behavior change.
> So I could provide the required executables and the steps to reproduce,
> but I am not that sure, that your setup will behave identical. It took
> me about one week to figure out a reproducable test case.Up to that I
> had only occasional error messages.
> I reduced the test case by a special test executable, created from
> PM123's logfile. It contains all I/O calls to the file handle that
> causes the problem. At least on my machine this immediately triggers the
> problem at the last DosRead command as soon as it is run from a samba
> share.
> Marcel

thanks for your test applet :-)

With its help i was able to reproduce the bug.
Later today i'll prepare a debug10 log and 2 comparative  sniffs against
windows and samba.

Could you please open a bug report at - i will
add my findings then.
Drop me a note, if i should open a report instead.

This is a very tricky one - and i guess, Volker and Jeremy will also be interested
in the details.

Cheers, Günter

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