Problems handling chain offsets with OS/2's WriteAndX/ReadAndX

samba.10.maazl at samba.10.maazl at
Sun Aug 7 04:11:52 MDT 2011

On 06.08.11 22.45, Christopher R. Hertel - crh at wrote:
>> Unfortunately this is impossible, since all my machines except for the
>> windows laptop are virtual machines on the same physical host and
>> wireshark does not support capturing the internal traffic. So all I have
>> regarding OS/2 and Linux is the samba log.
> Which virtual machine technology are you using?
> Why don't you just run tcpdump or Wireshark on the virtual Linux machine?

I should have been more precise.

The host is debian (squeeze i think), command line only and on amd64 
running all server services including samba and VirtualBox. All the 
desktops (Ubuntu, eComStation) are virtual running in VBox on the host 
in bridged networking mode.

I now tried tcpdump on the host too. It fails the same way that 
wireshark does - likely because they share the same kernel interface. 
Only packets from the client to the server are recorded. All SMB replies 
are missing. See or (raw file).

Maybe for building a test case the windows log can be used as it is 
quite similar. I have the binary version too:

Currently none of the Ubuntu desktops is running a samba server. I could 
set up a new VM with a samba server, but this will take some time, 
because the host only has 4GB of memory and already runs 4 machines. I 
guess I have to upgrade to 8GB first, since the new VM needs to have a 
development environment, because the unpatched samba 3.5.6 will 
immediately return an error at the writeX command, and, of course, for 
testing patches.


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