Problem with samba share file permissions: Write protection is not working as expected

raj kernel raj.kernel at
Wed Aug 3 07:05:16 MDT 2011

Dear Samba-Team,

I am a newbie to samba, and I have a doubt w.r.t. file permissions. Hope
someone can help me on this.

I have configured samba server on a Linux machine. My smb.conf for the samba
share is as follows:

path = /mnt/data1
guest ok = yes
public = yes
writable  = yes
read only = no
create mode = 0777
directory mode = 0777
printable = no

I have created two subdir's 'private' and 'public' under /mnt/data1. public
has all access permissions '777', but private has only read permissions.
I am able to write/create files to both 'public' as well as 'private'
directory when these shares are accessed from Windows7 machine. Write/create
operation has to be denied for 'private' dir as it only has 'read'
permission enabled, but it's not denied, file write/create operation still
succeeds :(

Could someone help me what am I missing?
Do I need to add ACL support to my file system and samba for the
directory/read permissions to work?


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