Samba 4 alpha 15: many warnings etc.

Helmut Hullen Hullen at
Sat Apr 30 05:47:00 MDT 2011

Hallo, Matthieu,

Du meintest am 30.04.11:

>>> Perhaps you'd like to help the developers fix these?

>> Sorry - I'm an end user. I can write (and test) shell scripts, but
>> nothing with C or python.

> Then wait and hope for someone to jump on this subject !
> We often work on best effort and for people who are not paid to work
> on samba they tend to work on what please them much strangely fixing
> warning is not the cup of tea of a lot of persons (although useful).

I know ... but an "innocent" end user may be confused seeing so much  

And testing is a job for end users too (ok - not in their production  

Viele Gruesse!

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