intermittent test failures in top level builds

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at
Sat Apr 30 03:27:32 MDT 2011

Hi Andrew,

>> I'll change _NBT_ASSERT() and _NBT_ASSERT_STRING() to use the
>> torture_assert macros,
>> so that's a failure again, but we need to bisect why it is failing there
>> now,
>> while it didn't fail before with an error.
> The big change that has happened in the past week is that we now build
> with the s3 build and the change in 1c5cc4a is actually that with
> f5487b3b4 we test with the s3 build in the top level.  
> This has done two things.  The first, which I think you are seeing here
> is that it there are more servers running and so timing-sensitive tests
> may become more sensitive. 

I've fixed the _NBT_ASSERT() and _NBT_ASSERT_STRING() to use the torture
so that we ignore the failure.

And I've pushed a fix to autobuild that should avoid the failure,
I finally was able to reproduce this at will using
"nbtd:max_refresh_time = 1".

The problem is that the test gets incoming broadcast messages, which happens
a lot more often if there are more servers running.

The trick is to ignore broadcast messages.

I'm currently running this:

for i in `seq 1 500`; do echo "run $i starts"; TDB_NO_FSYNC=1 buildnice
make test TESTS=wins || { echo "run $i failed"; break; }; done

with samba4.nbt.winsreplication.owned removed from the knownfail file,
to see if the test
is stable now.


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