[3.6.0pre3] docs-xml/manpages-3/idmap_ad.8.xml

Samba-JP oota ribbon at samba.gr.jp
Tue Apr 26 23:21:34 MDT 2011

I translated samba document to Japuanese,and I found

        Currently, the <parameter>ad</parameter> backend
        does not work as the the default idmap backend, but one has
        to configure it separately for each domain for which one wants
        to use it, using disjoint ranges. One usually needs to configure
        a writeable default idmap range, using for example the
        <parameter>tdb</parameter> or <parameter>ldap</parameter>)
                                               where is right parenthesis?

        backend, in order to be able to map the BUILTIN sids and
        possibly other trusted domains. The writeable default config
        is also needed in order to be able to create group mappings.
        This catch-all default idmap configuration should have a range
        that is disjoint from any explicitly configured domain with

Samba-JP oota

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