samba_dnsupdate and multiple interfaces

Theresa Halloran thallora at
Tue Apr 26 11:27:59 MDT 2011

On 4/26/2011 1:00 PM, brendan powers wrote:
> Does anyone know why samba_dnsupdate adds DNS records for all
> interfaces except loopback? This is causing problems in my setup
> because it adds records for subnets that are not available from my
> network(VPN and VMWare interfaces).
> This would be very useful if bind new what IPs to hand out to what
> clients. However, it just picks from the list in a round robin
> fashion(I think), and clients on my network get addresses outside
> their range.
> Am I doing something wrong, or is this the way the samba_dnsupdate
> script is supposed to work?
Hi Brendan,  I am new to samba and have been bringing up samba4 to try 
things out.  For what its worth, I had trouble with DNS initially as 
well, and have two suggestions:
1) what level of bind do you have?  if pre 9.8, then upgrade to post 9.8 
as several fixes have been put in for samba at 9.8 level.  This can save 
a lot of time....
2) Have you seen the the samba4 how-to: 
...step 8 has information on how to configure the DNS and some 
suggestions on how to avoid some common problems and step 10 is on 
configuring kerberos DNS dynamic updates.


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