subtree rename constraint checks

Matthieu Patou mat at
Mon Apr 25 08:30:27 MDT 2011

Hello Mathias,

I'm asking some questions about the tests related to subtree_rename.c 
module in samdb.

Have you tested the case when 
is renamed but it has a subentry (ie. CN=NTDS 

After reading MS-ADTS, I still don't have an idea of what is wrong, but 
I'm pretty sure that something is wrong as when I try to move a server 
from 1 site to another in Active Directory Sites and Services 
(dssite.msc) I have an error and the error came from the DN move that 
are triggered on the subentries while moving 
to CN=A,CN=Servers,CN=Test,CN=Sites,CN=Configuration,DC=domain,DC=tld.

It's clear that something is wrong as in ADTS in chapter 
(Server Object) the system flags for it are: { FLAG_CONFIG_ALLOW_RENAME 

So the (limited) move o CN=A,CN=Servers, ... is authorized. The "NTDS 
Settings" entry is a nTDSDSA Object described at says 
systemFlags: {FLAG_DISALLOW_MOVE_ON_DELETE} so the way the code is done 
we can never move nor rename a server object as its NTDS subentry do not 
allow anything like this.

My assumption is that the checks should be done only on the DN that 
trigger the subtree rename and not on the subentry as they are not 
really changed and DN should be dynamically calculated.


Matthieu Patou
Samba Team
Private repo;a=summary

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