samba4 in a w2k8r2 subdomain

Pavel Herrmann morpheus.ibis at
Mon Apr 18 13:31:43 MDT 2011


I am testing samba4 as a DC in win2k8r2 environment, and I have found a 
serious bug concerning subdomains.

at least samba-tool (more precisely fsmo and domainlevel, probably more, 
including samba) assume that CN=Configuration is a child of whatever comes of 
sambd.domain_dn(), which is wrong.
in my case samdb.domain_dn() returns "DC=HERRMANN,DC=VIRTLAB,DC=INT", while 
CN=Configuration is a child of the root domain, "DC=VIRTLAB,DC=INT". The root 
domain seems to be listed as 'rootDomainNamingContext' attribute of RootDSE 
(in "ADSI edit" in windows, no idea where that translates in samdb/ldb)

probably related to this, when running samba it eats all my CPU and just logs 
"RID Manager failed RID allocation - WERR_BADFILE - extended_ret[0x0]" once in 
a while. (joining works fine)

anyone knows the right place to fix this?

Pavel Herrmann

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