patch for ldb: add application flags

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at
Mon Apr 18 11:08:04 MDT 2011

Hi Matthieu,

> Maybe we can combine this with my modrdn LDIF changes and change the
>>> minor
>>> version just once...
>> ack
> Patch should be separated right ?
> If so then each patch should have its own ldb minor increase as we
> should be able as much possible to build for each different changeset
> and unless I don't understand how you want to group this change I think
> it will be impossible to build for the two different changeset.

We just add:

- my patches
- your patches
- a patch that changes the version to 1.1.0

and add everything in a single autobuild push.

I can do that (together with creating a ldb-1.1.0 release tarball)
once simo is happy with your patches.


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