Expanding the number of socket wrapper interfaces

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at samba.org
Mon Apr 18 06:07:21 MDT 2011

Hi Andrew,

> As part of my work in combining 'make test' to cover all of Samba at
> once, I need more than 16 socket wrapper interfaces.  (We have 15
> different servers starting, plus 6 interfaces reserved for the client at
> the moment, and that's before we start testing between the codebases). 
> The problem is, the current code is cryptically limited to 16 because of
> IRIX 6.4 support.  
> The last release of IRIX was in 2006 according to wikipedia, and SGI
> isn't in much better shape, but we have supported it for a long time, we
> have a reliable build farm host for it and it currently shows passing
> results.
> Does anyone know if the limit only applied to IRIX 6.4 or also applies
> to IRIX 6.5 that we have in the farm?

The IRIX related comment only applies to SOCKET_FORMAT.

The limit for MAX_WRAPPED_INTERFACES == 16 is different from the limit of 16
characters in the path name on IRIX.

MAX_WRAPPED_INTERFACES was 254 before, but it means we need to do 254 stat()
calls per broadcast sendto(), that's why we reduced it to 16.

I think we can change MAX_WRAPPED_INTERFACES to 32 for now.


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