A combined make test

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at samba.org
Sat Apr 16 04:08:13 MDT 2011


Can you point me at any work you have already done for a combined make
test in the top level build?

I'll work on this next week, and I've seen your patch here:

I may well just start from scratch (I've got some good ideas in my head
for how to manage this already), but if you do you have any thoughts,
notes or in particular comments about what you couldn't get to work,
that may assist.

Otherwise, my plan at this point is make the list of environments
between the two tests.py scripts and backends unique, and to write a
Samba34.pm that attempts to start environments in one or other backend
as appropriate.  Then we can also do things like your patch here
suggests reaching across the two target environments.

The main issue I foresee is ensuring that Samba3 does not make any DNS
lookups, and to constrain the LDAP and Kerberos traffic.  Kerberos
packets should be constrained by socket_wrapper (we may need to fix that
up in Heimdal), and/or the fact that Heimdal can be forced to use
send_to_kdc code.  LDAP traffic may be harder to constrain however.


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