about vfs module using samba-3.0.33

Amancio Tarrito amanciotarrito at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 14 09:54:52 MDT 2011

      I  am Amancio.  I am compiling my vscan module with  samba-3.0.33. It 
works well with 32 bit centos. But not with 64 bit  centos.
                 When I execute in open method , I got connect path of file( The 
file  that I download using ' get ' command ) using statement '  
handle->conn->connectpath ' . This works well in 32 bit centos,  But in case of 
64 bit centos I am unable to get correct connectpath of file. Also I am unable  
to get client ip using 'handle->conn->client_address'. 

               Please give me a solution on "How to get correct connect path and 
client-ip in case of 64 bit centos", it is very urgent for me .

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