s3 - s4 conversion

Lukasz Zalewski lukas at eecs.qmul.ac.uk
Thu Apr 14 09:20:04 MDT 2011

Hi Aaron,
>> Also, I'm trying to decipher why it is splitting my computer accounts
>> into user accounts.. It is only doing this for certain accounts. They
>> all have the W flag set for sambaAcctFlags so I'm not sure why they
>> aren't working. If this is they attribute that is being looked at to
>> filter?
Ah i understand now. This is the same situation as you had with 
importing computers. What you have to do is to constrain search for 
users to a branch of your ldap tree, i.e. --input_users_ou 'ou=People'
This would ensure that machines are not picked up and converted to user 

Metze, all is there an easy way to distinguish between user and computer 
account in s3 ldap schema?
Alternatively forcing usage of --input_[users|computers|groups]_ou might 
solve the problem (assuming that people have them divided in separate ou's)



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