[GSoC] Setup / provision GUI for Samba

Türker Sezer dirigeant at gmail.com
Tue Apr 12 15:09:12 MDT 2011


I am a Python programmer and Linux system administrator from Turkey. I
used PyQt for a few GUI project and I completed a gui project for
Pardus GNU/Linux at GSoC 2008.

I am interested in "Setup GUI for Samba" project. I sent my proposal
from Google Melange and Kai asked me for some technical details of the
implementation. As i am not an engineer, I am not sure which details i
have to write in this section.

Actually, i am new at samba development and i want to form my feature
list and gui design in bonding period.

Firstly, I want to determine the feature list. Then i will check
backends for missing features to implement our feature list. Lastly, i
will start to coding gui.

Can you guide me for writing implementation plan?

Türker Sezer

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