Query regarding unimplemented commands in CIFS/SMB.

nilesh nilesh.tayade at netscout.com
Fri Apr 8 01:15:29 MDT 2011


I am working on parsing the SMB/CIFS packets. I have referred below
document [MS-CIFS].

As mentioned, some of the subcommands for SMB_TRANS2 - like
TRANS2_FSCTL, TRANS2_IOCTL2 etc. are shown as not implemented (section SMB_COM Command Codes). However, I have tried accessing a share
on a server and I could see the packets carrying these commands.
* Server: running Windows-7.
* client: Samba-4.0 (smbtorture utility) on Ubuntu-10.04.
* Dialect negotiated: NTLM 0.12.

The response packets from server (windows-7) show
STATUS_INSUFF_SERVER_RESOURCE error. Is this error generated because of
unsupported TRANS2 commands (this error is related to many other
failures like insufficient memory etc.)? If the commands are not
supported in NTLM0.12, why should they be sent by client?


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