ntpd and S4 mystery

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at samba.org
Wed Apr 6 21:54:51 MDT 2011

On Wed, 2011-04-06 at 14:06 -0400, Mark Rutherford wrote:
> I am rehashing this problem of never getting s4 and ntpd working.
> I have the following in ntp.conf:
> ntpsigndsocket /usr/local/samba/var/run/ntp_signd/
> restrict default mssntp
> ntpd is compiled with --enable-ntp-signd

> How can I tell if this is a client misconfiguration or a server 
> misconfiguration?
> Can anyone provide some guidance on troubleshooting and debugging this?
> Fresh installs in a VM doing nothing more than joining the domain also 
> behave this way.
> I am fresh out of ideas and things to try.

My best guess is that the problem is with ntpd, and that somehow it
isn't compiled correctly. 

It is almost certain that the Windows client is sending the correct NTP
packet, but to be sure I'll need to see a trace.  

Andrew Bartlett

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