Should we keep the Samba4 LDAP backend?

Jelmer Vernooij jelmer at
Wed Apr 6 02:56:47 MDT 2011

On Wed, 2011-04-06 at 15:56 +1000, Andrew Bartlett wrote:
> On Fri, 2011-04-01 at 19:29 +1100, Andrew Bartlett wrote:
> > I'm wondering if there is much value to be had in keeping the Samba4
> > LDAP backends (OpenLDAP and Fedora DS/389) as a supported part of the
> > Samba4 AD DC codebase.
> Thanks to everyone who responded.
> > My proposal, if accepted, would be simply to remove the wiki pages and
> > the ability to build the ldap-backend with provision (perhaps leaving an
> > option for the test scripts).  
> I've removed and edited various wiki pages, so this hopefully won't be a
> feature users look for any more.
> Does anybody know how to hide options in --help in python?  I would like
> to hide these options from our users. 
As far as I know (at least from looking at "pydoc optparse") it's not
possible to hide options.


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