Samba4 production - what is possible

Martin Hochreiter linuxbox at
Fri Apr 1 11:57:20 MDT 2011

Folks, thank you for your proposals!

I think I will try the combined way.
Have you made a complete new domain in the active directory or
are you using the same sid's on samba4 like on the samba3
(to avoid making all new - from rights through roaming profiles)?


> On 01/04/2011 13:48, Martin Hochreiter wrote:
>> I read about that possibility - to use 3/4 in parallel (franky builds)
>> ... i have to search for a config for samba 3 and 4 that allows such
>> a combination (especially on the same server ...)
>> Is fileserving not that far to use the samba4 fileserving alone?
> It depends on what you want. Serving profile, GPO, is ok in Samba4. 
> Serving more complicated things needs a samba3 for it.
> Here we run a lot of thing in s4, but for instance I had to move back 
> the accounting back to S3 as it seems to behave better with all the 
> quirks of this software. Also printing is not working so s3 is needed.
> I would say that nowdays with virtualization (xen, virtualbox, qemu, 
> vserver, kvm) it's not a big deal to have 2 servers, if you have a 
> huge constraint it's also possible to have 1 server with both s3 and 
> s4 on it (I used to have it but I don't recommand it but it worked).
> Matthieu.

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