Browse list transfer between a DMB and a LMB, with plain text password

Samuel Degrande Samuel.Degrande at
Wed Sep 29 10:58:29 MDT 2010


I have 2 samba servers, one DMB on one subnet, and one LMB on an other 

We use plain text passwords.

Browse list transfer was working fine with version 3.0.23. It does no 
more work.

I looked at the difference between old and new versions.

The change is in reply_sesssetup_and_X(). Now, with plaintext password,
a password is mandatory, or a NT_STATUS_INVALID_PARAMETER is returned.

However, as far as I can understand, a client asking for a browse list
will connect with a guest account, and no password is sent...

Is it a known bug ? a feature change (and if so, how to continue to use
plaintext passwords) ?

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