samldb and associated patches

Matthias Dieter Wallnöfer mdw at
Wed Sep 29 01:30:05 MDT 2010

Hi Kamen,

now I've reworked and fixed up my patchset and enhanced another time 
"". Regarding "nTDSConnection" objects I would like to call 
into mind that these are subobjects of "nTDSDSA" ones which you are only 
allowed to create on DC vampire operations (manually trials to create 
these end in UNWILLING_TO_PERFORM). So I cannot create arbitrary server 
objects with connection objects associated. Well, the 
"urgent_replication" test uses the relax hack to achieve this, but I 
think it's really undesired behaviour.
Probably it's better to use another kind of objects for testing. Do you 
have an idea? If you are satisfied with my results I'm happy if you 
merge it in.


Kamen Mazdrashki wrote:
> Well, it seems nTDSConnection objects doesn't have it.
> This is what I'am observing on my w2k8-r2 test box.
> It will really help if we have a test for this, so we could 'certify'
> any further changes in this code.
> -- 
> CU,
> Kamen

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