samba4: upgradeprovision --full fails

Matthieu Patou mat at
Mon Sep 27 00:03:59 MDT 2010


Can you first write me once ? receiving twice as much email didn't 
please me much ....

Then if you don't have the will to dig a little bit on your own the pb, 
don't update every day your version of samba 4 it's alpha software after 
all !

> Following up on my own post:
>> Starting update of samdb
>> There are 1 missing objects
>> Object CN=dns-lucid,CN=Users,DC=test,DC=com will be added
> Upon restart, dns.keytab is now empty and hence, dns update is toast.
> I did notice that secrets.ldb now has an entry named dns-<hostname>
> after update, but there is no corresponding entry in sam.ldb.

You are not the first one to run mostly everyday upgradeprovision after 
updating to the latest git tree, doing so will mostly drives you in 
trouble. As I say the rule of thumb is: if there is an update to 
upgradeprovision (git log scripting/bin/upgradeprovision for instance) 
then you might want to run upgradeprovision otherwise just don't.

In your precise case it's because we introduced some stuff to behave a 
bit more like MS for DNS updates, something that we discovered to be a 
pb with EMC clients, I guess that it was not your case, let me repeat 
it: it's alpha software, if you are not sure ask first instead of doing 
the update and then ask for help.

Right now I didn't have any good solution to propose, the best is to 
restore the provision from the backup that has been done by upgrade 

Oh, one more thing please try to give us as little as possible log 
output and run the tools without debug activated so that it's more 
complicated for us to help you, otherwise it's too simple !



Matthieu Patou
Samba Team

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