AD-Winbind failover

Moorthi Pongiannan erodemoorthi at
Tue Sep 21 05:16:25 MDT 2010


I am working on the AD-Samba winbind integration for the single identity.
Everything works fine. We are looking to reduce the failover time when the
DC1 taken for the maintenance. With the few failure scenarios, I am getting
an average of 4 minutes for the winbind to re-connects to DC2 to start the
users authentication. Is there any method or tune we can reduce the failover

workgroup = LAB

realm = LAB.COM

security = ads

allow trusted domains = yes

idmap config LAB: default = yes

idmap config LAB: range = 100-30000

idmap config LAB: backend = ad

idmap alloc backend = tdb

idmap uid = 100-30000

idmap gid = 100-30000

Thanks, Moor

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