[PATCH 00/14] tdb: Update pytdb API to match what is provided by libtdb

Kirill Smelkov kirr at landau.phys.spbu.ru
Sun Sep 19 03:53:18 MDT 2010

Rusty, Jelmer,

The subject says it all. Not 100% complete, but near.

Please apply and thanks,

P.S. this is also available as

    git pull git://repo.or.cz/samba/kirr.git y/pytdb-update

Kirill Smelkov (14):
  pytdb: Update open flags to match those for tdb_open() in tdb.h
  pytdb: Add support for tdb_add_flags() & tdb_remove_flags()
  pytdb: Fix repr segfault for internal db
  pytdb: Add support for tdb_lockall_nonblock() &
  tdb: Introduce tdb_chainlock_read_nonblock()
  pytdb: Introduce PyTdb_ARGS_AS_TDBDATA helper
  pytdb: Add support for tdb_chainlock() & friends
  pytdb: Add support for tdb_dump_all() and tdb_printfreelist()
  pytdb: Add support for tdb_enable_seqnum, tdb_get_seqnum and
  pytdb: Add support for tdb_fd()
  pytdb: Add support for tdb_freelist_size()
  pytdb: Add support for tdb_repack()
  pytdb: Add support for tdb_transaction_start_nonblock()
  pytdb: Add support for tdb_transaction_prepare_commit()

 lib/tdb/common/lock.c          |    7 +
 lib/tdb/include/tdb.h          |    1 +
 lib/tdb/pytdb.c                |  246 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++---
 lib/tdb/python/tests/simple.py |   84 ++++++++++++++
 lib/tdb/tdb.exports            |    1 +
 lib/tdb/tdb.signatures         |    1 +
 6 files changed, 321 insertions(+), 19 deletions(-)


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