commit 25a2d94974c7befd13f90e52b61e297c31ae52e9

Björn Jacke bj at SerNet.DE
Wed Sep 15 14:39:25 MDT 2010

On 2010-09-15 at 16:17 -0400 simo sent off:
> lp_printcap_cache_time() is used at a higher level for the automatic
> reload, I am not sure it is correct to check it here too. This function
> is meant to avoid rapid firing refreshes but not to delay them for very
> long times.

es, it was used in smbd/process.c - but just because there was no other level
of caching available. The caching of rintcap per client was broken by design,
see bug 6448 for that. This is exactly the place where lp_printcap_cache_time
should be placed, it should be obsolete in smbd/process.c then. Without using
printcap cahe time at this place a large print server will pull all printers
every second which isn't fun if you have a cups server with hundreds of
printer. ;-)

> Unless you have checked that there are no side effects in changing the
> semantics of this function I would just apply the time_mono() part of
> the fix.

okay, I'll split it it up and just check in the monotonic time part now and do
some more testing with the printcap caching and the changes that should also be
made in smbd/process.c later on.


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