DNS dynamic updates

David Gonzalez info at dghvoip.com
Mon Sep 13 15:04:35 MDT 2010


I do have this setup as you show on the attached pic, I compiled and
installed BIND 9.7.2 and started it with debugging on and when I do ipconfig
/renew from a Win7 client BIND shows this.

I've gotten samba to work and compiled BIND 9.7.2 (latest version from ISC),
I followed everything word by word, now when I start named with debug I get
this when trying to update:

13-Sep-2010 15:55:28.142 client query '
IN' approved
13-Sep-2010 15:55:28.142 client send
13-Sep-2010 15:55:28.142 client sendto
13-Sep-2010 15:55:28.142 client senddone
13-Sep-2010 15:55:28.142 client next
13-Sep-2010 15:55:28.142 client endrequest
13-Sep-2010 15:55:28.142 client @0xb60ad008: udprecv
13-Sep-2010 15:55:28.144 client UDP request
13-Sep-2010 15:55:28.144 client using view '_default'
13-Sep-2010 15:55:28.144 client request is not signed
13-Sep-2010 15:55:28.144 client recursion available
13-Sep-2010 15:55:28.144 client update
13-Sep-2010 15:55:28.144 client updating zone
p.com/IN': prerequisites are OK
13-Sep-2010 15:55:28.144 client update '
N' denied
13-Sep-2010 15:55:28.144 client updating zone
p.com/IN': rolling back
13-Sep-2010 15:55:28.145 client send
13-Sep-2010 15:55:28.145 client sendto
13-Sep-2010 15:55:28.145 client senddone
13-Sep-2010 15:55:28.145 client next
13-Sep-2010 15:55:28.145 client endrequest
13-Sep-2010 15:55:28.145 client @0xb60ad008: udprecv
13-Sep-2010 15:55:28.145 client UDP request
13-Sep-2010 15:55:28.146 tsig key
1bfc82419d': unknown key
13-Sep-2010 15:55:28.146 client using view '_default'
13-Sep-2010 15:55:28.146 client request has invalid
re: TSIG 248-ms-7.2-1a05394.cefbeb90-bf77-11df-7280-001bfc82419d: tsig
verify fa
ilure (BADKEY)

why does it report a BADKEY, if I'm using everything from the provision
command?, I really don't know here to go from here, would you help.

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On Sun, Sep 12, 2010 at 2:06 AM, Maurizio Marini Gmail <
marini.maurizio at gmail.com> wrote:

> David
> did you checked the last 2 check boxes?
> i think that they are important to get dns update
> but i dunno if dns update does work w/out them

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