Failing to make Samba 3.5.4 on AIX 5.3

yaberger at yaberger at
Wed Sep 8 06:05:40 MDT 2010

Hi Jason,


I've been able to build Samba 3.5.4 on AIX with the following environment:
AIX 6.1 TL4 SP4
AIX 5.3 TL11 SP3
IBM XL C/C++ 10.1
make/ksh/ld (AIX base)

I'm not using LDAP/KRB/OpenSSL/etc.

In CC are some folks (William Jojo and Miguel Sanders) that are also 
building Samba on AIX.
They are usually using gcc and and an environment that might be closer to 
the one you're using.

Yannick Bergeron
yaberger at
IT Specialist
AIX / Samba / Load Balancer / DCE/DFS / SCM / Apache / Security / Perl 
scripting / etc. 

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