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Michael Wood esiotrot at gmail.com
Wed Sep 8 05:58:12 MDT 2010

Hi Derek

Please make sure you keep the list(s) included.

On 8 September 2010 10:14, Derek Lewis <dlewis at mtu.edu> wrote:
> Following the confdefs.h failed lines, I see an error: "No such file or
> directory".  Searching for occurrances of this message, I find the following
> files are not located:

The files that it find depends on what platform it's running on.  e.g.
the minix/config.h is only relevant on Minix.  windows.h, winsock2.h
and ws2tcpip.h are only relevant on Windows (or maybe something with
Windows compatibility?  I doubt samba4 is expected to compile on
Windows).  etc.  I can't say off hand which ones are relevant for you,
and unfortunately I can't say right now what my confdefs.h had in it.
I might be able to later.

> vararg.h
> unix.h
> mode.h
> filio.h
> s5param.h
> minix/config.h
> standards.h
> filesys.h,acl.h
> libacl.h
> capability.h
> id.h
> compat.h priv.h
> security.h
> termio.h
> dl.h
> direct.h
> windows.h
> winsock2.h
> ws2tcpip.h
> in_p.h
> sockio.h
> rpc_nettype.h
> dustat.h,libxfs.h
> netgrouph
> CFStringEncodingConverter.h
> valgrind.h
> memcheck.h
> nss_common.h
> nsswitch.h
> ns_api.h
> attributes.h
> extattr.h
> ea.h
> proplist.h
> readline.h
> history.h
> libexc.h
> libunwind.h
> gpfs_gpl.h
> isi_version.h
> giconv.h
> fam.h
> ldap.h
> lber.h
> keyutils.h
> pam_appl.h
> pam_modules.h
> vx_quota.h
> devnm.h
> ctdb.h
> ctdb_private.h
> nss_dbdefs.h
> usersec.h
> watch.h
> client.h
> Does the make program assume a certain path for the source? I have mine
> located at: /usr/local/src/samba-4.0.0alpha11

No.  I have the source in /home/michael/src/samba/...

But rather use the latest code from GIT than the alpha11 tarball.

If you're using the tarball then you'll still be using autoconf
instead of waf.  Alpha11 is pretty old.  There are discussions about
releasing an alpha12 soon, but in the mean time, rather stick with GIT
as per the HOWTO.

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> Adding samba-technical back into the Cc list.
> On 7 September 2010 16:51, Derek Lewis <dlewis at mtu.edu> wrote:
>> I installed the dependencies via apt-get, as described in the HOWTO, and
> nothing failed.
>> Following the config log, the required libraries are not being found.
>  Build can find the gnu c, and python though not the libraries.
> Some of the stuff printed by waf (the build tool that is actually run
> when you run ./configure (by default)) as not found is not a problem.
> What are you seeing that's missing?
> Is anything else printed before/after "error: failed
> program.confdefs.h" that might be relevant?
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>> Hi
>> I've CCed samba-technical.
>> On 7 September 2010 08:05, Derek Lewis <dlewis at mtu.edu> wrote:
>>> I am interested in compiling Samba 4 and trying the advanced features.  I
>>> followed the instructions on samba.org to build and compile, though I get
>>> the error: failed program.confdefs.h.  I have run into this error before,
>>> and looking over config log, I see that the build does not see many of
> the
>>> dependencies.
>> The Samba4 HOWTO lists the dependencies you should need.  Do you have
>> those installed?  Or is it just that they aren't being found?
>>> Can I modify the build to point to the required files, or at least trace
> the
>>> source of the problem?
>> Try ./configure --help and see if any of the options help.

Michael Wood <esiotrot at gmail.com>

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