Fwd: Re: About GPOs

Matthieu Patou mat at samba.org
Wed Sep 8 00:33:54 MDT 2010

  Forwarding to the good list because I made an error selecting the 
wrong one ;-(

Hi Matthieu,
>  My proposal is to have provision that create GPO of version 0 both in
>  the sysvol and in the AD.

That should be fine for new GPO's. The version is only used for
propagating changes and checking if DC<->FS are in sync. 0 works fine
for a newly provisioned GPO.

>  I propose also to remove this two attributes: gPCUserExtensionNames and
>  gPCMachineExtensionNames as GPMC will create them if needed.
>  As we do not really know how to construct them and as we don't need them
>  absolutely I propose to remove  them.

These are not necessary on fresh GPO's, but I'm not exactly sure what
Windows does with the Default Domain Policy and Default Domain
Controller Policy. Whatever Windows does should be exactly replicated
for these policies, and they should contain some extensions if I recall

>  Note: I have some more tests to do check that this changes are ok.

Noted. Please also check what Windows does, not just if it is a valid


Wilco Baan Hofman

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