should I be able to set printers and folder option via group policy?

Matthieu Patou mat at
Sat Sep 4 13:59:52 MDT 2010

>> Don't think so, search the errors. send us the trace (if not too big).
>> Matthieu
> Ok, after running wireshark it appears the problem is a combination of the
> create request coming from the group policy editor being this:
> Disposition: Open (if file exists open it, else fail) (1)
> Filename:
> and that file not existing by default.  I got rid of the error by creating the
> Printers\Printers.xml file manually on the file server (containing nothing more
> than<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>) Indeed, adding printers then
> successfully updates that file.
Great news ! I'll try to have a look in a couple of days on how the 
default policy look like on w2kx server maybe this files are indeed 
already present !
> One other problem related to this is that I was unable to manually create that
> file via samba.  I opened up \\\Sysvol\...\Preferences and right-clicked
> to create the Printers folder, but I got this error:
>> Could not find item. This is no longer located in
>> \\\sysvol\...\{0C95ADB9-08A4-4387-BADF-11D63413367D}\User.  Verify
>> the item's location and try again.
>> Preferences Type: File Folder Date Modified: 9/1/2010 5:14 PM
Just to be sure so when you try to open:
  \\\sysvol\Policies\\{0C95ADB9-08A4-4387-BADF-11D63413367D}\User\Preferences you get this error message ?

> Via wireshark, I see:
>> 296	13.754035	SMB2	Create Request File:
>> folder
>> 297	13.754471	SMB2	Create Response, Error:
>> 298	13.754913	SMB2	Create Request File:
>> Request
>> 299	13.755070	SMB2	Create Response File:
>> 300	13.755078	SMB2	Notify Response, Error:
>> 301	13.755097	SMB2	Cancel Request
>> 310	13.787312	SMB2	Create Request File:
>> folder
>> 312	13.787749	SMB2	Create Response, Error:
> So for whatever reason, when windows (7, 64bit) requests that New Folder
> creation, samba is coming back with an unexpected error.
> I can post the actual pcap of this, if someone can give me a quick way to strip
> out information identifying the domain it comes from.
The basic questions: with which user do you do this ?
What are the unix rights of the folders ?
What are the ntfs rights of the folders ?

For me it looks like the Preference folder has been created by someone 
else (because it's not done by the provision) and you don't have the 
right on it.
Can you create a folder under the User folder ?


Matthieu Patou
Samba Team

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