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Wed Oct 20 02:45:58 MDT 2010

Configuring GPFS ACL support

Binary: (default install path is [samba]/lib/vfs/)

Its compiled by default, no additional configure option needed.

To enable/use/load this module, include "vfs objects =3D gpfs" in the smb.c=
onf file under concerned share-name.

Example of smb.conf:

path =3D /gpfs-test
vfs objects =3D gpfs
nfs4: mode =3D special
nfs4: chown =3D yes
nfs4: acedup =3D merge

Adding "vfs objects =3D gpfs" to a share should be done only in case when N=
FS4 is really supported by the filesystem.
(Otherwise you may get performance loss.)

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