samba winbind + waffle: bringing SSO to humans

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Thanks Andrew, it's fair.

You're on the right track with SSPI-level functionality. I am not very familiar with Samba, but I am sure you're looking at Windows APIs as one of possible models. That would be ideal for us.

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On Wed, 2010-10-27 at 08:08 -0400, dB. wrote:
> I am glad to hear that the Samba team is interested, now the big 
> question is whether anyone on the Samba team is going to write some 
> code ;)
> It would be nice if someone motivated and qualified could take a stab at implementing a waffle IWindowsAuthProvider (Java code that uses JNA for native access) and exposing the buffer-level functions in Samba's SSPI-level libraries.

Actually, that's why I listed the examples I did, because it shows that asking the Samba team to write (and therefore maintain) code for other projects has not worked very well at all.

That is, it is best if we stick to what we are good at, and instead have a collaborative relationship with keen developers in the other applications that wish to consume these capabilities. 

We do hope, in the unspecified future, to better abstract and expose the SSPI-level functionality for our own use, and hope to then make that sensibly available to other projects.  We may first target Wine, as we have a shared team member between our two projects, and the needs there are very clearly understood. 

I think that Waffle is a good idea, but I'm sorry if I created the impression that being willing to support this effort implied that we would be contributing Java code to your project. 


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