Rewrite:List Servers not implemented.

Michael Wood esiotrot at
Tue Oct 26 13:39:45 MDT 2010

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On 26 October 2010 18:32, hemanth kumar <hemanthkm at> wrote:
> i am using alfa 13
> and i tried smbclient cmd frm server.

OK, and exactly how did you run smbclient?

smbclient -L servername

smbclient '\\servername\share'

smbclient '\\ip-address\share' -U username


>>>> On 26 October 2010 14:35, hemanth kumar <hemanthkm at> wrote:
>>>> > Hi all,
>>>> >  I am getting the error "Rewrite : List Servers Not implemented" when i
>>>> > give
>>>> > smbclient command.

I see that message comes from source4/client/client.c:

try and browse available connections on a host
static bool list_servers(const char *wk_grp)
	d_printf("REWRITE: list servers not implemented\n");
	return false;

And list_servers is called from do_host_query() which has the following comment:
handle a -L query

and it looks like do_host_query() is only called when you do:
smbclient -L ...

So this is just not implemented yet for Samba 4's version of
smbclient.  You should probably try a version of smbclient from Samba

>> >> How exactly are you running smbclient?
>> >>
>> >> Are you running smbclient on the Samba 4 server or another machine?
>> >>
>> >> What version of Samba 4 are you running?  (Try smbclient --version)

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