loosing reflogs with http://samba.org/~metze/gitconfig

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at samba.org
Sun Oct 24 07:30:28 MDT 2010


in case you used my gitconfig as reference for your own ~/.gitconfig
please update!

I just noticed that the following doesn't work with never git versions
(I noticed it with in ubuntu 10.04)

	reflogexpire = 9000
	reflogexpireunreachable = 9000

a 'git gc' will remove ALL reflogs completely!!!!

Please change to

	reflogexpire = 9000 days
	reflogexpireunreachable = 9000 days

or if you have a version > use

	reflogexpire = never
	reflogexpireunreachable = never


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