Samba4 ACLs and Linux ACLs

André Stierenberg andre at
Sun Oct 24 04:48:08 MDT 2010

Am 24.10.2010 12:39, schrieb Volker Lendecke:
> On Sun, Oct 24, 2010 at 12:29:41PM +0200, André Stierenberg wrote:
>> So, what can I do? I need to use ACLs in Windows and the same on
>> liunux server. I use ext4 fs on the linux server, but ext4 only
>> support POSIX ACLs.
>> What should I do? Can I change the filesystem (e.g. ZFS) so that I
>> can use the NT ACLs in linux or should I try s3compat? I also have
>> to use the NT ACLs  via NFS. Any idea?
> With OpenSolaris and ZFS you have a chance to get closer to
> what you want, using the NFSv4 ACL model. But right now what
> you want (100% NTFS ACLs usable from Windows, local Unix
> processes and NFS) is just not possible. Even large NAS
> servers like the ones from NetApp and EMC don't give you
> that. This is just not solvable 100%, because Windows, Posix
> and NFSv4 have different ACL semantics.
> With NFSv4 ACLs available in OpenSolaris and ZFS you get
> very close, and we will be happy to help you utilizing
> those.
> Volker
Ok. And what about using the NT ACLs via NFS on a linux client which can 
authentificate against samba4 ad? (and what about CIFS? but it is too slow)


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