freebsd pb with socket wrapper

Matthieu Patou mat at
Wed Oct 20 14:59:44 MDT 2010


So in a move to nail down the pb:

single_accept_connection: accept: NT_STATUS_INVALID_PARAMETER

As seen here:;host=builder72;tree=samba_4_0_test;compiler=gcc

After some investigation I found that the pb lies in real_accept of 
swrap_accept as this function set the un_addr structure so that sun_path 
is empty
(and as we have a unix socket it should be the path of this socket).

I put a lot of debugging in the code see the attached log 
time: 2010-10-20 11:52:44.292379Z
In swrap_accept addr socket = 0x80a2fac80 socket_fd = 59  s = 29 fd (in 
si) = 29 addr parent_si = 0x80a150400
un_addr->sun_path =  len = 16 s = 29 ret = 70 errno = 54
Try a retry !
un_addr->sun_path =  len = 16 s = 29 ret = -1 errno = 35
EINVAL after scanf, p= sunpath=
failure: samba4.rpc.lsa.secrets on ncacn_ip_tcp with Kerberos - use 
target principal(dc).seal keyexchange:yes ntlm2:no lm_key:yes [
_StringException: _StringException: ../torture/rpc/session_key.c:174: 
status was NT_STATUS_IO_TIMEOUT, expected NT_STATUS_OK: connect


Unfortunately I didn't find anything too strange with the pointers or 
something else that caught my eyes with this debug.

I restarted the test with valgrind and got the log_valgrind, "Ici 
lalalala" is a debug that I added to the function 
single_accept_connection when accept didn't return NT_STATUS_OK.

Although I didn't saw any big red message from valgrind just before the 
call that is failing there is a couple of errors that I don't have on my 
laptop when running samba with valgrind with the same tests set.
Maybe those pb have a side effect at a given moment that perturb freebsd ?

Please send me your comments, I'm lost !


Matthieu Patou
Samba Team

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