libsmbclient on Win32

Sboubon gmail sboubon at
Wed Oct 20 06:18:46 MDT 2010

Dear all,

I'm looking for a libsmbclient.lib or dll I could use with Visual C++. I'm currently working on a project and my purpose is to simply get the OS version running on a remote machine running a CIFS service like samba or native WIndows.
Smbclient command gives me a perfect result but I don't want to use a system() like command to parse the result. I want to use the internal mechanism like the libsmbclient lib. I wish I can do that easily on *nix, but for the moment I need to do that on Windows.

Can somebody tell me if there is a WIN32 version of the libsmbclient lib ? as a static or dynamic lib ?

Thank you very much.

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