granting SeSecurityPrivilege to user

Nagaraj Shyam Nagaraj_Shyam at
Tue Oct 19 18:34:35 MDT 2010



I get the error NT_STATUS_PRIVILEGE_NOT_HELD - returned from the
function create_file_unixpath() from the following block of code:


/* We need to support SeSecurityPrivilege for this. */

        if (access_mask & SEC_FLAG_SYSTEM_SECURITY) {

                status = NT_STATUS_PRIVILEGE_NOT_HELD;

                goto fail;



This is while using samba 3.5.3 on suse linux and trying to migrate
files from a windows machine to samba share.   SeSecurityPrivelege is
not one of the recognized/supported privileges for it to be granted to
the user.


net rpc share migrate files also seems to have issues copying folders
from the windows share if any acl is present on a directory that has a
ACE with "deny everyone else rule", the migrate prints the error:


could not handle dir \foldername: NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED

I used the above command with --acls --attrs -timestamps option.


thanks for any info on how to workaround acl/ea these issues during file




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