net vampire - error

Kamen Mazdrashki kamenim at
Sun Oct 17 13:49:14 MDT 2010

It seems you already have entries for your new 'FS-MLM'machine in db.
Could you try "unvampire" and then try again with 'net vampire' with
big 'log level' (-d10)

You can 'unvampire' quick&dirty with following mini-script:
ldbdel -H ldap://
bin/ldbdel -H ldap:// "CN=FS-MLM,OU=Domain
Controllers,DC=gbg,DC=inputinterior,DC=se" -r
bin/ldbdel -H ldap://
"CN=FS-MLM,CN=Computers,DC=gbg,DC=inputinterior,DC=se" -r


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