S4: upgrade provision problems

Trever L. Adams trever.adams at gmail.com
Fri Oct 15 08:39:21 MDT 2010

 On 10/15/2010 08:31 AM, Matthieu Patou wrote:
> Ok this means that you have something in the security.NTACL, it's
> where we store the NT ACLS, this test was done to be sure that you are
> able somehow to store extended attributes. Could it be selinux playing
> some nasty trick on us ? Can you desactivate it and retry ?
It is set in permissive. It shouldn't be doing anything at all (other
than giving me errors in log files, but no actual denials). I have set
it to disabled, I will have to wait around 10 hours before I can reboot
the machine and do the test again.
>  If not ok still I'll make a small patch for debug.
> Apart from the error message, is there a real pb (ie. gpo broken).
> Matthieu
No, everything works thanks to help from you previously. It would be
good to know what is going on. (BTW, the other machine has the exact
same settings/files/etc for selinux.)

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