samba4 just shrank again ...

Michael Wood esiotrot at
Thu Oct 14 15:00:07 MDT 2010

On 14 October 2010 04:06,  <tridge at> wrote:
> Samba4 has gone on a diet again :-)

Excellent! :)

> Thanks to some great work by Jelmer on removing dependency loops, the
> s4 build has shrunk some more. A full install of a non-developer build
> on sn-devel is now 58M in size. This includes some parts you would not
> normally include in an install, such as smbtorture (at 6.4M) and
> ndrdump (which is 3.1M).
> As there have been concerns raised that the AD parts of Samba4 may
> make it too big for embedded boxes, I thought it would be worth
> comparing to a full s3 install. On sn-devel a full s3 install is
> currently 132M. This includes some test tools as well of course. It
> will be interesting to see how much the s3 waf build can reduce this
> by.
> I hope this helps allay some fears that the AD support in s4 will make
> it too large to be used on embedded systems.

Well, it depends on how small your embedded box is :)  The OpenWrt
project still provides Samba 2 packages because it's much smaller than
Samba 3 and every little bit helps when you only have 4MB of flash.
The version of Samba 3 they package is 3.0.24, but for broadcom 47xx
based devices the package is under 700k.  I haven't checked what it
contains, exactly:

Of course, if you're running Samba it probably means you have access
to some other storage and then why not just install Samba there?  I've
never had the need to install Samba on an embedded device, though, so
maybe someone really does have a reason for needing Samba to be
smaller than 45MB.

> I also noticed that current s3 master didn't build without socket
> wrapper. I wonder if we should add a non-developer build to the list
> of things autobuild tests, to ensure we don't ever do a release that
> doesn't work in non-developer mode?

Sounds like a good idea to me.

Michael Wood <esiotrot at>

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