Review request: DNS server implementation

tridge at tridge at
Wed Oct 13 06:01:19 MDT 2010

Hi Adam,

 > But the LDAP backend itself works well;  just postulating that you could
 > use bind and point it at your internal LDAP database (we've been using
 > Bind backed with LDAP for years - much easier to update LDAP than to
 > argue with Bind).

Unfortunately it's a bit more complex than that. We need to do DRS
replication of the DNS partitions with other DCs. That forces the ldap
DB format and schema that MS uses. We also need to use transactions to
make updates safe, and we need ACLs. That means a significant amount
of work on top of the current ldap backend for bind9.

It is certainly doable, but it's not trivial.

Cheers, Tridge

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