smbclient source code.( -k option )

ranji ranjith.rajendran at
Sun Oct 10 11:14:47 MDT 2010

Thanks for your valuable info.......

As i Understand that smbclient with -k options is to be used when we are
trying to connect to AD Environment. 

Pls clarify on the below work flow : 
1> smbclient uses kerberos security mechanism to connect to a PC. 
2> If kerberos fails,it falls back to the common NTLM security mechanism and
connects to the pc. 

In order to implement kerberos security, I'm using following functions : 

/* Setting (or) Re-setting SMB_CONTEXT to kerberos mode accordingly */
smbc_setOptionUseKerberos(context, option_value.b); 
smbc_setOptionFallbackAfterKerberos(context, option_value.b);

Please guide me to enable kerberos when smbclient is done. 
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