[Samba] Issue upgrading to samba 3.5.5

Steve Tempest Steve.Tempest at gts.apn.com.au
Sun Oct 10 03:29:41 MDT 2010

You could make a guest ok share and deny all ip and  only allows access from server ip address. Not sure if this fits your need.

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Subject: [Samba]  Issue upgrading to samba 3.5.5


I've upgraded samba from 3.2.8 to 3.5.5 and some issues appears.

I'am in ADS mode of samba.
My problem is :

- I have a windows server which use a local account to launch a service.
- The service launched by the local must send file to a samba share.
- I have created a user in my Active Directory which have the same login/password than my local server account.

Since I was in samba 3.2.8 - ADS - winbind mode it was working, but now in the 3.5.5 versions it does not...

What can I do to make it works again in 3.5.5 (because of security hole corrected) because this is an important part of my production process.

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