"wbinfo --online-status" question / problem / defect -- maybe?!

Joshua Hawkinson jhawkinson at overlandstorage.com
Wed Oct 6 18:05:44 MDT 2010

Hello All,

                I just have a couple of quick questions / observations about the wbinfo -online-status command with regards to trusted domains.  First off; it seems as though trusted domains ALWAYS display as offline.  I was looking though the code a bit and it seems that we pull some data from the NETLOGON pipe (RPC_NETL_DsrEmumerateDomainTrusts) and then parse that for various attributes and flags.  This seems to get passed down through a couple of functions and we somehow end up with an "offline" flag.  The problem is I don't see this flag defined in the Netlogon remote protocol specification, and the data is encrypted across the wire.

Can someone give me some background, or some pointers to help me determine why my trusted domains are displayed as offline?


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