Debian Lenny compilation error

Zahari Zahariev zahari.zahariev at
Tue Oct 5 02:41:25 MDT 2010

  Dear committers (from past 12h),

I have one machine Debian Lenny (in my local build farm) with GNU 
compiler - gcc version 4.3.2 (Debian 4.3.2-1.1). Since very early this 
morning it produces the following compilation error:

[ 726/2150] Compiling heimdal/lib/krb5/eai_to_heim_errno.c
[ 727/2150] Compiling heimdal/lib/krb5/error_string.c
../heimdal/lib/krb5/error_string.c: In function ‘krb5_get_error_message’:
../heimdal/lib/krb5/error_string.c:248: error: implicit declaration of 
function ‘com_right_r’
../heimdal/lib/krb5/error_string.c:248: warning: assignment makes 
pointer from integer without a cast
Waf: Leaving directory `/root/samba-master/source4/bin'
Build failed: -> task failed (err #1):
{task: cc error_string.c -> error_string_101.o}
make: *** [all] Error 1

Does someone recognize the origin of this fault or is it just me? I do 
not have this problem on any other machine (all others are Ubuntu 


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