wintest for testing Samba against windows

Sam Liddicott sam at
Wed Nov 24 10:56:35 MST 2010

As my final post in the winexe saga; as the --runas seems to do nothing, 
and as it can't seem to launch on console 1 (the main desktop) [maybe 
the same bug] here are some spells that use psexec on the windows 
machine to actually get the runas effect and running apps on the console 1.

Note that mapped network drives won't work for programs so-launched, but 
this is nothing to do with winexe, psexec to local host has the same 
problem, however you can re-call "net use" and re-map the same drive and 
it works.


./winexe -U "$W_USER" --password="$W_PASSWORD" 
--runas="$W_USER%$W_PASSWORD" --interactive=1 "//$W_SERVER" 

if W_DESKTOP=1 then W_CMD is started on the console, otherwise in the 
service desktop for which any programs started from the service desktop 
without using psexec wrapper don't get a proper event loop and can't 
paint, but starting notepad or explorer.exe from the cmd.exe that is 
started from psexec that is started from winexe (!!) will work; so you 
can (by starting explorer.exe) have a full desktop session running in 
the service window (I guess tightvnc will show it too). (Sometimes you 
have to wait for the "interactive services dialog detection" to pop up 
and switch you to the service desktop.


W_COMMAND='cmd.exe /c c:\windows\system32\notepad.exe'
W_COMMAND='cmd.exe /c explorer.exe'

So... now I can start a fresh desktop (or use the logged in one) to do 
my testing with, all from the linux command line.


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